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Never a dull moment on this site for me even after so many years. Semper Fi.

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Posted by Animetion24 - September 7th, 2011

Today was my first day of high school, and i was so pepped, but at the end, i was pretty exhausted. I wanted to go home and log onto NG, but i realized that I wont be able to do that alot anymore. I also realized that everyone else is starting to drift.

This is only because that our lives are changing. It is no longer the time that we could hang out all we wanted anymore, or have our awsome Sonic clubs. It would be awsome to have them again, but the school days are inevitable.

My point is, I cant be on as much as i used to, Marti/Silas cant either, and SF9 is gone til mid 2012. Our lives are changing, and as we get older, we cant always be online when you want us. Eventually, we might need to remove NG from our lives for awhile.

Dont think that i dont like you guys. You guys are awsome friends. I will never forget this first year of my NG account.

Remember that im not leaving completely (yet...), but I wont be very active like in the Summer.

Also check out Epic Battle Fantasy on NG. Its an awsome game

Lives change...

Posted by Animetion24 - September 2nd, 2011

I have been seeing a lot of Sonic haters around here. All they want to do is to ruin our forums with sayings like "Sonic is gay," or "Sonic is a pussy because he runs fast."



Dont think you will flame me with your comments. I put this forum on approved comments, and any i see will get BANNED!!!

Or if your a great Sonic fan, i hope you like the Sonic DJ wallpaper.

Attention Sonic Haters!!! and Sonic DJ

Posted by Animetion24 - September 1st, 2011

Yes, Comet. You will appear in this one.

Carson City, Nevada; Weds.; 7:33 PM

*After going at a speed of MACH 1 for thoroughly 12 hours, Azure feels a little parched. He decides to stay at Carson for the day.*

*Azure steps into a saloon/inn.* People are a little dumbfounded to see a hedgehog around.*
Azure: Hey man. Can i have a pint of Miller?
Bartender: No problem. 50 cents please.
Azure:*hands 50 cents and takes the mug* Pleasure doing buisness.
*Azure walked away but some big guy walked into him, spilling his beer on him.*
???: Hey, watch where you're going!
Azure: Not to be rude, but i think you ran into me.
???: *imitates* Not to be rude, *normal voice* but i think your beer ran into me! *picks up Azure with one hand.*
Azure: now now, i dont want to do this.
???: Do what?
Azure: *pulls out his hidden blades*...That >:) *stabs his arm*
???: *screams in pain and runs off*
*Several desperados take out their pistols pointing at Azure*
Azure: *easily dodges all bullets and waits until they run out of ammo. Then he takes out his Vector*
*the men run off as well*
Comet: Great show, Azure!
Azure: *Realizes the voice and turns* Comet! *Special handshake*
Comet: What brings you here?
Azure: I'm going on a big trip. Need to stay here for the day.
Comet: You can bunk in my room!
Azure: Thanks!
*They head to Comet's room. There is a two bunk bed. Comet and Azure had a Rock Paper Scissors contestto see who got the top. Comet won.*
Comet: So, tell me about the trip you are doing.
Azure: *Explains all*
Comet: That was a LONG story... But i like it!
Azure: You'd like to join in?
Comet: You know I would, but i can't D:
Azure: Whys that?
Comet: I got to take care of the DDs (Dark Desperados). You took care of a few of them in the saloon.
Azure: Let me help you then. Then you can help me!
Comet: That be great! Get some sleep though. They only come in the morning.
Azure: Alright.
*Both sleep*
*5 hours later*
Comet:*falls off top bunk. Doesn't feel a thing. Still asleep*
Azure:*hears the thud* Comet? ... Hes fast asleep? *thinks* He doesn't feel head pain does he? *goes back to sleep*

End of Episode 3

Sth: Azure's Chronicles PT 3 (Assassin's Creed reference; special guest Comet97)

Posted by Animetion24 - August 30th, 2011

/* */
*San Francisco, California; USA; Wedsday; 12:10 AM*

*After asking a few questions, and getting a nice SMG from his friend, Roger, Azure was ready to leave... That is, until RIA members kicked down the door and are shooting under cover.*
Azure: *blindly firing under the cashier stand. Realizes there are 8 opposers* Roger, we are slightly outgunned here =/
Roger: *aims at an RIA wielding a MP5* Now less outgunned *HEADSHOT*
Azure: I dont think we should hold our ground anymore. May... Maybe... (Azure is falling under the sypnosis of his dark rage)
Roger: *realizes Azure's stuttering* Azure? What's wrong? This isnt the time to be tired!
Azure: *recovers enough to speak clearly* Roger, go now. I dont want you to see how i look in the next 5 minutes.
Roger: but...
Azure: *laser breaks the back door, slightly stunning the RIA* GO NOW!
Roger: *With no thinking, Roger leaves the store from the backside*
Azure: *With his dark rage temporarily corrupting him, Azure darkens in color, screams of rage, and gains that "Super pissed off" look in his crimson eyes*
RIA #1: Whats going on? What did he do?
RIA #2: Not sure, Lieutenant. What should WE do?
*RIA members stay silenced*
Azure: *teleports behind RIA #2*
RIA #2: 0.0'
Azure: *strikes so hard that his fist goes through RIA #2's stomach*
*All RIA members almost sh*t their pants*
Azure: *destroys their stolen CMP 600 cars with one light beam*
Azure: *unintimidated by the massive firing squad, Azure uses Firearm Wall, stopping all 300+ rounds. Then, Azure uses Clock Chaser (this ability allows the user to be the only animated object. the user can now hits his opponents with a series of fast and powerful moves to one or more opponents)*
*blood splurts everywhere. heavy rain starts to fall*
Azure: *exhaustingly calms down; his dark rage's full corruption has been successfully repelled*
Roger: whoa, what happened here!?
Azure: ... I have been keeping a secret that i dont intend to tell out.
Roger: That's fine with me. You can have the freedom to tell whoever you like.
Azure: sorry about the mess. You want me to help clean up?
Roger: No, it was no big deal! Besides, You should go now in order to catch up to your sister *hands a new Vector*
Azure: Thanks Roger! I'll see you somtime later! *runs at a speed of 786 mph*

End of episode 2...

StH: Azure's Chronicles PT 2

Posted by Animetion24 - August 28th, 2011

I made a small series depicting Azure in his search for his sister Katey, that dissappeared one day. He will meet the rest of the crew later on, maybe a few of the real sonic cast... and a few of the characters you guys use.

(San Francisco, California, USA; Teusday; 11:04 PM)

*Azure starts his search at the Cold Steel shop, Katey's favorite place to go to get weapons. He doesn't plan to find Katey there, but he expects the owner to have a few leads from his good human friend, Roger.

*Azure steps into the store, but sees the store deserted, though it does not close until 2 Pm*
Azure: Helloooooooooo.... Anyone there? Roger? *By now, Azure feels disturbed*
Roger: FREEZE!!! *holds up SPAS-12, and reflex fires*
Azure:*Dodges with 4 nanoseconds to spare* Whoa, its me!
Roger: *FACEPALM* I'm sorry Azure, it just that there were a few ambushes earlier looking for your sister, and i was fed up with it, so i tried to suprise them. Want my SPAS to repay the accident?
Azure: No thanks, it should help you more. But i'd like to know a few things.
Roger: Ah... Anything for you, my friend.
Azure: Okay =D *they move to the armory* Ok, so when did you last see Katey
Roger: Well, i believe 3 days before she dissappeared.
Azure: Alright, what did she buy from here?
Roger: The last time, she bought a P90 with full ammo mags, a katana made of magnesium and cobalt, some smoke bombs, and a 9mm with silver rounds.
Azure:-thinks: Srsly!? I told her she was not allowed to buy P90s D=<- Alright... You mentioned that some guys were looking for Katey earlier. Why?
Roger: Katey is wanted by the RIA/the Rogue Intelligence Agency, and some of their men have tracked her to my store and the city. That is why she left. she is probably going through the Grand Canyon by now.
Azure: I'd wish to help her! Can you give me a Vector with 50 mags?
Roger: No problem! For you, its free.
Azure: Thanks! Now i must be go*Azure is interrupted by the kick of the entrance door by the RIA members*
Roger: Cazzo (Fu*k), they're back!
Azure: -loads Vector- Lets make a stand!
Roger: - picks up a M16- That's what i was thinking >=)

end of Episode 1...

Posted by Animetion24 - August 27th, 2011

/* */
My user is AzureDragoonGX, but you should already know that from my banner, and is long term for ADGX.

*PLZ NOTE* I only have one online game; GTA IV. We can be friends, but i probably cant play with ya.

Also, a funny video from one of my favorite Youtube game players, Criken2! Him and his friends, Inferno Imp, Oats/Oatavio, Combat x Wombat, and Kipp(some make few appearances) make fun semi playthroughs and failures in the VG world.

I finally got PSN w00t!!!

Posted by Animetion24 - August 25th, 2011

I guess M-Bot really does have reason =D

Also, try befunky.com!

You can make pics look a lot different!

Such as this!

problem solved!

Posted by Animetion24 - August 25th, 2011

Im banned from making reviews forever!

M-Bot got a ban resoning from a NGer named carnas saying im a "-bleep-"in idiot. GTFO out of reviewing.

My latest review was nothing bad! All it said was, "Heavy plot from beginning to end...

That's why i love the XM series."

Posted by Animetion24 - August 23rd, 2011

finally im back to continue to sprite. Fun as ever.

Also turned dark for awhile, but im not being evil, so dont ask me that.

Back to spriting!!!

Posted by Animetion24 - August 23rd, 2011

You guys ever heard of that?

If you do not know what RHG is, RHG is Rock Hard Gladiators. They are used for stickmen and all famous and best stick aniomators have one. I have one, though i dont use flash. The gladiator needs some sort of awsome or destructive power; mine is electricity =D.

Imagine if that merged with sonic stuff 0_0'

Sonic RHG???