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Never a dull moment on this site for me even after so many years. Semper Fi.

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Posted by Animetion24 - August 19th, 2011

When i was 10, all of my friends were almost blown away with yu-gi-oh. As i got older, i did not attach to it alot, but i still liked it. The 5Ds was awsome though. Then i came across Yugiohcardmaker.net! it makes your own yugioh cards! I know theres a pokemon card maker, but i was more into the anime than the cards.

Heres a sample!


Posted by Animetion24 - August 18th, 2011

from lesson 3 onwards, i will be speaking full 1337, so this lesson is to prepare you for what i will ask.

"74|>3 |/\/ 3/\/&|_15|-| \/\/|-|@7 7|-|3 53/\/73/\/(3 5@45."
Type in English what the sentence says.

"\/\/|2|73 |/\/ 1337 40(_)|2 @/\/5\/\/3|2."
Write in 1337 your answer.

"|=1|_|_ |/\/ 7|-|3 6|_@/\/|{ (_)5|/\/& 1337."
Fill in the blank using 1337.

Keep in mind that you dont have to take these lessons. I just wanted to make public awareness of 1337. Ignore it if you wish, but flamers will get banned!!!

... X and Zero are watching you...

31337 lesson 2

Posted by Animetion24 - August 17th, 2011

read these if you want to learn full 1337.

Lesson 1:

A: @
B: 6
C: (
D: |]
E: 3
F: |=
G: &
H: |-|
I: |
J: _|
K: |{
L: |_
M: /\/\
N: /\/
O: 0
P: |>
Q: % (crazy, but its the closest you can to get to a Q)
R: |2 or |^
S: 5
T: 7
U: (_)
V: \/
W: \/\/
X: +
Y: 4
Z: >_

Now you now my 1337 speak sees, next time wont you type with me. =3

31337 lessons!!!

Posted by Animetion24 - August 17th, 2011

the 1337 says lucky star. Yes, i am a fleunt 1337 speaker.


SF9: 1
LR1711: 0

Anyway, fun LS group faces

|_(_)(|{4 57@|^...

Posted by Animetion24 - August 16th, 2011

The final score was
A24: 3
M031: 2

Dont worry Marti you will have a chance to get back in the tournament.

Ok now we have...

Landrick1711 vs Sonicflare9

we have not seen any sprite work from SF9, so he will need to be4 we can vote.

note to SF9: spriting is easy. Just find some Sprite Sheets from google for inspiration and whatnot.

I got addicted to Lucky Star. two of my friends in real life showed me it.

The pic is a sample of LS, and with added commentary from me.

I win

Posted by Animetion24 - August 13th, 2011

Marti and I are good friends and partners, but who is the better spriter?

I am good with recolors, but Marti is good with animating.

What do you guys think?

Ok, so the score are as follows:

Animetion24 "ADGX": 2
"Silas" Marti031: 2

You have until Teusday to vote. Only once, and you cannot overturn your decision.

Sprite Battle! Animetion24 vs Marti031!!!

Posted by Animetion24 - August 12th, 2011

this post is a note pad. i am jotting down what songs that would be good for each of my characters. Some are not profiled yet, and i will do that later. Got the idea after Mighty argued that Sonic's theme was playing on MTA =3

If you wish to hear the songs then look on youtube. 99% chance that they all would be on there.

Azure: "Rush" by Uverworld
Drake: "Wild Fang" by Janne Da Arc
Katey: "God Knows" by Aya Hirano
Twirls: "Make your move" by Mattjohnson817 (song on NG)
Rex(not featured): "Prayer of the Refugee" by Rise Against
Crystal(not featured): "Burn it to the ground" by Nickelback
Alpha: "Red Zone" by Tatsh and Naoki
Yuki and Aya(i ran out of creative names, so i used Japanese ones): "Dont be Discouraged" by Hayashibara Megumi

There are a few more but i forgot their names.

Heres Shadic's SS, if any of you need it =)

ADGX themes

Posted by Animetion24 - August 9th, 2011

You got a great score in such low time!

Theres not a lot of animations that get something that fast!

MTA 3 might get Awsome score!

Great job, Marti!

Posted by Animetion24 - August 8th, 2011

The ultimate ADGX teamup!

Hyper Azurake has arrived!

almost peak destro and chaos power is arriving...

Azurake is coming...

Posted by Animetion24 - August 8th, 2011

Many thanks to Alvin-Earthworm for making the sprite sheet!

Srry if low quality. Gif or Jpg files have horrible resolutin.

If you want the real copy, click Here to see it =)

FFS sprite sheet ^0^'