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Never a dull moment on this site for me even after so many years. Semper Fi.

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Animetion24's News

Posted by Animetion24 - August 7th, 2011

Come here to see it!

Anyway, Here is Alpha

Name: Alpha-0333
Age: 4 (built 4 yrs ago)
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 325 pds (machines weigh a lot =P)
Personality: Cold, Ruthless, Merciless; In other words, the perfect dictator
Likes: fighting, utilizing his abilities
Dislikes: losing
Fighting skills: Alpha has been programmed with 10 mastered martial arts. In addition, its creators placed two powerful devices that make it almost unstoppable to the Sonic Crew - a learning and knowing function. The learning allows it to almost instantly figure out what style his opposer is planning. The knowing is the memory of what it has learned.
Disadvantages: Machines have no reason. If forcibly reverting its cords, it changes shift.

Alpha's Profile And I have ART!!!

Posted by Animetion24 - August 5th, 2011

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Awsome Podcast! Brad, Travis, and two other members play multiple different and exciting games! In GTA IV, Brad drives to pick up Roman, but tragically, He runs over Roman! And then, he tries to perform CP-Car.

Brad fightin a bear =P

4Player Podcast...

Posted by Animetion24 - August 1st, 2011

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The world of the Sonic Universe is huge. Most are singular, hardcore fans. Others make the Sonic name known by grouping together in a close friendship. Join if you wish.

If i forgot any of you, plz contact me on this forum. I got things to do, but ill see the comments.


Ok Guys!. The banner is full now! I will not put any more, but i can make another for a specific group.

*Update 2!!!*

Hold on! I had 2 SF9s! I removed one and now there is one spot for the Sonic Club Banner 1! Who will it be?

the members are as follows, along with a short description and placement:

Animetion24 - The spriter with a great group of spriters/friends (farthest left)
Marti031 - Great flash maker/spriter; great friend (2nd from left)
Sonicflare9 - Hardcore fan of Sonic; loves BOF =3 (3rd from left)
Sonimatic - Flash drawer that turned towards spriting (right side of missing slot)
Landrick1711 - Another great friend. Encourages all of us (4th from right)
Comet97 - The spriter that has inspired me! also an awsome friend (3rd from right)
SuperDuperSonic - "The Ultimate Sonic Fan!!!" Friend to all (2nd from right)
SuperAmy2 - The cousin of SuperDuperSonic! Very friendly! (farthest right)

Thats it for now!

*Update 3!!!*

Patiently looking for the final person allegible to be in the renamed NG Sonica Crew.

The remaining ppl i think could be in it would be:


Da Sonic Crew...

Posted by Animetion24 - July 31st, 2011

*I'm sorry if the pose for Katey is bad. There are not a lot of good poses for Amy in Sonic Battle.*

Name: Katey Violet (worth mentioning, she is Azure's younger sister)
Age: 17
Height: 5'7"
Weight: ~65 pds (no girl likes to admit their weight -TRUE FACT-)
Personality: tomboy, tough, hardened, but knows when to lighten up
Likes: Drake (OMFG Dating your brother's rival!!!), fitting in with guys, H@Xing whenever she plays COD BO/L4D2 with Azure, low proof wine
Dislikes: AZURE BICKERING ABOUT Drake (more like hating it), being seperated, titillation (Do i need to say that!?), reallizing her H@X kill herself from time to time in BO/L4D2
Fighting skills: Katey was trained by the most elite war camps in America: West Point and Fort Knox. With her 2nd Degree Black Belt in Shinto Ryu and her 4th Degree in Jiu-Jitsu, coupled with her agile build, Katey is a master assassin, able and have done all key target missions in the C.I.A with relative ease. Because she was trained at war camps, she knows mechanics and usage of guns. Her special ability is telekinesses. She can move any form of matter anywhere within a 50 ft radius. She is also capable of telepathy.
Disadvantages: Like most girls her size, Katey does not have a lot of strength. Her hardened training with the war camps causes one of the most useful abilities of the human mind to dissipatate - creativity. Since war is thought to be a strategical fight rather than an innovative fight, creativity is not regularly used in war. Her telekinesses has a weight limit; Katey cannot lift more than 1/2 a ton... for now. Telepathy is impossible with more than one opponent in reach, and the ability to concentrate on the sole enemy is almost above her limits.

Katey's profile

Posted by Animetion24 - July 27th, 2011

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Now back to the randomness that SDS's birthday will contain >=)

Oh and Marti, this sprite sheet is much more common. Might i recommend you use this SS later?

SuperDuperSonic's Birthday! Deeply honored, SDS!

Posted by Animetion24 - July 25th, 2011

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Me and Marti031 are sprite partners. I made this to tribute this team up.

Oh and a Luizprower vid. It only includes Luiz's voice, but he also refers to his sis Mao.

heres how to see it

Posted by Animetion24 - July 23rd, 2011

Before I start, let me tell you that it was a good 20 minutes finding a name for this recolor.

Name: Typhoon "Twirls" Syphon
Age: 15
Height: 5'
Weight: ~85 pds (Twirls does not like ppl knowing his weight, but recent fights have showed this estimate)
Personality: shy, in-a-way geeky, naive, "know-it-all-ish", but with keen sense of justice
Likes: tinkering, robots, engineering, slow rock/pop
Dislikes: waste of parts, circuits failing, overriding machinery, "What a ripoff result", mean people
Fighting skills: with his insanely gifted mind, Twirls is a creative fighter. He has invented some of the most mind-blowing machines ever built, such as the Dragoon Cannon, that can blow a hole in a titanium door that is 1000 inches in circumference and a 5 ft radius, and the TyphoonGX, that can go at a speed of MACH 12. Though with generally low strength, Twirls can easily go circles around his opponents and hit almost every possible weak spot (Yes, even PEOPLE'S BALLS). Twirls' tails' fur is made of an alloy of magnesium and cobalt, making them literal chopper blades that hurt really hard if spinning at you. His special ability is Metallic Assistance. Twirls can summon anything that is made of any sort of metal, like guns or swords. Of course, Twirls can go super/hyper
Disadvantages: Twirls is rather childish, so he tries hard not to use his abilities. Twirls does not have a lot of durability. Metallic Assistance requires a rather intense amount of Twirl's energy.

Twirl's profile

Posted by Animetion24 - July 19th, 2011

Name: Drake Takaeshi
Age: 22
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 92 pds.
Personality: Ruthless, Aggresive, Downer, "needs time to know a person" typed, trustworthy, wont trust others very quickly
Likes: destruction, beer, being the only serious type, getting stronger, and whatever Shadow likes also
Dislikes: Azure (rival), crude humor, Shadow (WHY!!!???), Sonic (Obvious =P), failing at battling, killed in Black Ops, etc.
Fighting skills: Like Azure, Drake is a close combat fighter. Trained by Shadow (before he hated him ._.) to fight using CQC. Also like Shadow, Drake wears shoes that make him go faster than most. They are called Glide Sneakers. They work smilarily to the Air Shoes that Shadow wears. However, they cannot be heard easily by anyone. Drake also put add-ons, such as hidden bladed front, or blow-away bottom. Drake also has chaos abilities. His birth born technique, though, are Destro abilities. They act similarily to Chaos abilities, but they do not require emeralds.
Disadvantages: his past is haunting him, but is to prideful to tell anyone. Destro abilities are difficult to use, and you could end up hurting much more than enemies. He can go super/hyper, but it is not as effective as Super/Hyper Shadow (Drake is an apprentice to him =/)

Drake profile.

Posted by Animetion24 - July 18th, 2011

Name: Azure the Hedgehog
Age: 19
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 102 pds.
Personality: Caring, Honorable, Protective, Cool, Daring, Charismatic,
Likes: a good fight, music (especially rock or jpop), explosions, action, Sonic (as a friend =P), parkour, NG, soda
Dislikes: Drake (rival), loitering, losing in Black Ops, Shadow (Azure is rather the complete opposite of him), waiting for VGs, loading time, unnecessary losses
Fighting skills: experienced fighter. Had to learn on his own. Self-made martial artist. In addition, Azure can emit powerful blue beams from his hands. When enraged, he darkens his colors, and is fully capable of any chaos abilities used so far (not to mention everything else). Just like Sonic, Azure is fast too Also, Azure is one of the few species that can mimic bodies of others, and even get their powers from it.
Disadvantages: cannot go super on his own. The dark side of Azure is slowly enshrouding him, though he does not tell anyone, fearing they would worry. Cannot control himself when dark is temporarily used. Azure is not as fast as Sonic. The mimic ability is not perfected yet. It only lasts 15 minutes. However, Azure can reach up to a full 4 hours if he focuses on the skill.

Azure profile.

Posted by Animetion24 - July 15th, 2011

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Also, a video of some of the most comedic people in Youtube, Luizprower, and his brother Oni, his friends Oscar and Johnny, and his sister that he hates, Mao/Soli. Luiz and Johnny are playing the first half, then Mao takes Johnny's WIImote when he has to leave. This is their New super Mario Bros. Wii run. If you want to see the series, there are two ways:

1. watch it on youtube OR
2. I'll take requests to put it up here. 5 requests needed from different ppl.