Entry #81

Time to (really) put this channel to good use.

2014-09-24 21:51:34 by Animetion24

It's just like the title of this post tells. I'm bringing this page back to an active slot. I have been gone for far too long, only checking every other day to make sure of some things, but now that I am fully versed into my friend mejson.newgrounds.com/ 's project, Reduce, this page will be looked onto often. So after two years of total inactivity, Animetion24 is back! But now, he has carried over a new name. Like my links to YouTube, TetrisFriends, and DeviantArt, I am now known as AzureDragoonGX. I wear both A24 and ADGX with pride, but I thought you should just know that from this point forward, I will be referring myself as the latter, and it sounds fitting to call this a "New Day Coming." The song is by CFO$ and Todd Clark. Adam Rutter is credited for creating the video. 



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2014-09-28 11:55:54


Thank you for everything.
Your help is especially important for me... because you care...
Listen, I need music to Reduce_Survival.
Something that will be streamed on the ear and will fit "for Survival".
There must be a quality particularly aggressive music :)

Animetion24 responds:

Hey Mejson!

You're welcome. Being a part of Reduce is absolutely awesome. I should be thanking you.

Music for Reduce_Survival?
Well, if one is motivated to live, they ought to be invincible. So why not?
"Invincible" by Adelitas Way.

Just note, that song has two versions, with the only difference being a change in word, which you will find if you search it as is and a clean version. I'm not sure if you mind at all, but I just wanted to let you know. Tell me what you think. If it doesn't fit, I'm sure to find something else. :)


2014-09-30 11:46:44


Hmm, "Invincible" by Adelitas Way but I need some slow and darker :/

Cause it MariogD because last he is terribly lazy :P

Hmm, Could you help me? I need 3 screenshots any characters of Reduce...

You could choose your opinion the best moments with them and send me on email?


2015-04-25 08:23:58