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Feels weird to be tooting my own horn, but I find this work top-notch, and a huge step ahead further from the predecessors.

Much more ambitious animations were employed for this episode as a whole (but definitely more on the latter), again the voice-acting has matured well, and further expansion into the nature of the crisis that our protagonists are going through... Along with an ending scene that will most certainly turn the situation over its head.

I feel as though there are not that many works with similar circumstances that deal with the consequences of survival like Reduce does either - the need to persist may be extremely dire, but it just isn't going to go the way you think it will if you're not of the right mind, and especially if you weren't prepared to do stuff like this in the first place (reminds me of Train to Busan, a zombie movie where the heroes area bunch of regular civilians who have no true apocalypse experience [nor the weapons you usually see in them]).

I eagerly await working on the next installment, Mejson and co. It sure looks like many others are thinking the same.

Mejson responds:

It's nice to hear that you feel our development too :)

I must admit that there were intresting moments in Reduce 2 - Part I, but they are more ambitious in this part, maybe because it was initially one animation, so in Reduce 2 - Part I the situation is just getting started. Yes, voice-acting and internal character changes are heading in the right direction.

Yes, as always you are right, but does the viewer expect it? I noticed that hardly anyone has time here (NG) recently to get caught up in such a deep story.

Me too! Thanks my friend for the honest comment!

That was a great sequel. It has really gone far from being AvA 1 so long ago. And it is great that you still have faith in the series.

But the way it ends, it can certainly add on. Since the Chosen has befriended the Animator as well as four sticks, another new threat will arise. The possibilities are endless. That is 100% your choice, though.

Cool, Mejson. Everyone can keep up with what's happening, and a look into each person's standing and personality, along with their pros and cons. It'll be far more interactive once more characers show up, but for the meantime, a great start. :)

Mejson responds:

Exactly, I care that everyone actually were familiar with the current situation in Reduce.

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Very Heavy Rain-ish. That is in the sense that what you do affects the rest of the game and makes you have moral feelings and has you think who should live. And I will not give spoilers, but the ending made me cry. HARD.

Its a great spi-off to such a great series of flash games. Great for people who are tired of turn-based games but still like RPG

for the person below me...

Jelle really loves that girl. And i would not blame him if i was him.

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Excellent remix, man. I know it's quite late, but the song is called "Crossing Field" by LiSA (Love is Same All)

Hey Bouncy. Haven't rated an audio of yours in awhile.

This piece is incredibly catchy. Sounds amazing man. :D

BouncyPiglett responds:



I been busy lately so I've not submitted much
But I wanna reassure you and anyone else who cares that during ALL the time I dubmit nothing, I'm still working on various tracks and projects.

I'm picky

Pretty good...

You got quite some skill with the piano :D

Beforez responds:

Thank you, mister Animetion24.

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that's what friends do

Michaely385 responds:

Thank you so much for the review.

It is fine

I realized that you used a .jpeg format. If you had .png, i believe it would be better. You might also want to curve the line because then it makes a 3D object. shadows work pretty well too.

not bad...

I could remake this for you, but it is up to you.

Michaely385 responds:

Sure, i would love that. You can sure make a Special Edition of this.

Never a dull moment on this site for me even after so many years. Semper Fi.

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