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Very Heavy Rain-ish. That is in the sense that what you do affects the rest of the game and makes you have moral feelings and has you think who should live. And I will not give spoilers, but the ending made me cry. HARD.

Its a great spi-off to such a great series of flash games. Great for people who are tired of turn-based games but still like RPG

for the person below me...

Jelle really loves that girl. And i would not blame him if i was him.

I find it easy too...

Once you max out the m16, it is virtually impossible for soldiers to hit you, so just spray and pray. But overall, one of the best defence games i ever played

Big jump!

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There are only 2 ways i found that could beat this jump.

Reminds me...

of the game Fallout New Vegas, as you kill deformed humans, and get stuff from everywhere.



if you wanted to save your scene you can printscreen it then paste it to paint and save it

highest was 525

but im not the best typist. i might see another beat it

its fine...

but really it is not as good as Krinkel's one.



Never a dull moment on this site for me even after so many years. Semper Fi.

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