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It's just like the title of this post tells. I'm bringing this page back to an active slot. I have been gone for far too long, only checking every other day to make sure of some things, but now that I am fully versed into my friend 's project, Reduce, this page will be looked onto often. So after two years of total inactivity, Animetion24 is back! But now, he has carried over a new name. Like my links to YouTube, TetrisFriends, and DeviantArt, I am now known as AzureDragoonGX. I wear both A24 and ADGX with pride, but I thought you should just know that from this point forward, I will be referring myself as the latter, and it sounds fitting to call this a "New Day Coming." The song is by CFO$ and Todd Clark. Adam Rutter is credited for creating the video. 


After much time...

2014-05-09 16:48:32 by Animetion24

Like I said, I'm more active on DA, Youtube, Twitch, TF, and Kongregate. This page is inactive now, but you probably already knew that. See you on those sites! 

Not Dead! :)

2012-12-28 13:37:12 by Animetion24
Updated, I'm not dead. I just have been spending more time on YT and DeviantArt, because that is where most of my friends that were once here are now. Here's the link up there!

Also I've been recently acquainted with BRS. Strange anime/manga, it is.

Not Dead! :)

Out of School! XD

2012-06-18 13:07:05 by Animetion24

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Well, in 3 days :J

Got addicted to Tales of Graces F. I know, the song is not from ToGF, but fits Asbel's life and fighting pretty well. Dont believe me? Check the vid above it.

Out of School! XD

This update is CRAP

2012-03-03 22:17:45 by Animetion24

I cant change my icon and images properly, my previous yt vids are void here, and my flashes take so much longer than before!!!

PLZ, Tomfulp, Change it back!!! PLZ!!!


2012-02-19 11:05:36 by Animetion24

I cannot watch any flashes, play any games, or practiacally do anything productive on NG, and my flash reader is perfectly fine. Do any of you have the same problem?

I feel as though that when Summer comes back in 4 months, things won't be like last year. SiNG is rather gone, and there is just not much activity here. I don't even see SDS on his YT acc.

I think I'm saying that I won't be here for the remainder non-summer. There might be a time that I will remember NG, but certainly its not now.

And for any of my friends that continue to keep NG fun, thanks. I (might) be back sometime.

Wait a minute... WHAT AM I SAYING!?



Dont let what I just said up there taint your minds! If you are still here, Stick with NG! It will come back some day! I know it!!!

Everyone has a rage state...

2012-01-25 14:56:22 by Animetion24

Shadow just seems to have a scarier one o.o'

Credits to Kigurt on DA i believe.

Everyone has a rage state...

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You guys are two of some of my best friends on this site. Its a shame that school seperated us from NG. SDS, if you're still active, I made this for you and Amy.

And if you are here, feel free to show it to Amy too.

Tribute to SuperDuperSonic and SuperAmy!!!

Anna6723's Pokemon creator post

2012-01-13 18:14:42 by Animetion24

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This is Criken's Skyrim vid BTW :)

Anna6723 has a new news post that asks you to make your own pokemon, and what's the downside of being creative? She tells you to follow the model, as shown below. :D

Name: Dovahkiin
ID Number: 1337
Species: Rein Thu'um (raging shout) Pokemon
First Pokemon
Found at: Throat of the World at the Skyrim province
Height and Weight: 6'04", 85 kg

This pic od Dovahkiin is from DA by Dremoravalkyn

Anna6723's Pokemon creator post